4 Reasons Why WordPress Will Take Over The Internet | Kristiyan Katsarov

4 Reasons Why WordPress Will Take Over The Internet

By Kristiyan Katsarov
Kristiyan Katsarov
Published on December 21, 2020

If you have read the latest statistics about WordPress and with which technologies websites on the white web are powered, you have already seen that there is a CMS that totally dominates the market - WordPress.

Here are some reasons why I think that WordPress will take over the internet in the next decade:

1. Big, big community

One of the big advantages that WordPress has over its competitors is that one of the biggest open-source communities worldwide belongs to WordPress. Even though they do not use git officially, their Slack channel is pretty active, as well the forum and the "mini-communities" of the most supported plugins and themes. For me, WordPress has one of the biggest communities available to open-source lovers out there.

2. Active and fast development

Now this has two meanings, which I want to sum up here - WordPress is being developed rapidly fast because of the large community and big number of contributors, but also allows you to develop websites faster than most of its competitors or alternatives! There are many themes and plugins that extend the functionality of WordPress and make it even more powerful.

But even for developers like me, WordPress is super attractive - I can create REST APIs in zero time, I can create plugins and themes for all the custom functionality I need!

3. SEO friendly

Yes, WordPress is seo friendly. What does this mean? Well the system provides a lot of settings (even without plugins and themes) that help you optimize your website for the search engines. There are many, many plugins that help you optimise your on-page seo even further. Adding microdata, optimizing the article structure,

Did you know that Google knows if your website is using WordPress and checks if your WordPress version is up-to-date? Google is aware that WordPress is market dominator and adds even more support for it.

4. Security - always enhanced

WordPress is known for not being so secure and this is because of the huge market of themes and plugins. People install all kind of themes and plugins which provide all kinds of functionality, but these are not always properly maintained by the authors.

The core itself is secure, actively maintained and patched occasionally. There have been security holes in the core as well, but these always have been patched and maintained on time. Unfortunately I cannot say the same thing about all the themes and plugins. If you buy a theme from markets like Envato, you cannot be sure that the authors will always patch in case of a security breach. The same thing for free plugins on wordpress.org - everyone can create and upload his own plugin and theme, but not everyone is able to maintain it properly.

There are some free (and premium) plugins that take care of applying best practices when it comes to improving the security of your website - hiding the login page, applying basic .htaccess rules, correcting file ownership, basic firewall and so on.

5. Mature and scalable powerhorse

WordPress is over 10 years old and I still remember the times when I started using wordpress 3.x for the first time. Over 60% of the white web is powered by WordPress and there are definitely big websites using it that handle thousands of users every minute - for example TechCrunch, Bloomberg and the news center from Microsoft.

Though created as a blog system, WordPress can technically be used for everything. I personally have created all types of websites with it - online shops, learning management systems, REST APIs and so on.

Not sure if WordPress suits your needs? Get in touch with me and let's discuss your ideas!