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Companies & Clients

Since becoming a freelancer I started working with various agencies and companies, some of which are:

My partnership with, initiated in 2021, synergizes my software development expertise with their health and nutrition prowess to deliver personalized, tech-driven meal planning solutions. This collaboration has been pivotal in crafting an intuitive platform that resonates with our shared vision of promoting a healthier community.

Christoph is one of my first clients when starting my freelance career. He has an agency for creative solutions in Erding, Germany and just like me cannot sleep well when a website is slow and not optimized.

Through a longstanding partnership, I contribute as a programmer to Radostna's innovative journey. My expertise in web development and website projects enhances their online presence, aligning seamlessly with their marketing strategies. This collaboration ensures impactful connections between influencers and brands, underscoring the power of technology in the evolving landscape of influencer marketing.

Since 2014, when I resided in Berlin, Germany, my partnership with BOXROX began. As an apprentice then, I've since evolved into a key figure in the website's technical upkeep and enhancement, symbolizing growth and sustained success in our collaborative journey.

Netpeak helps to develop the business by using all the possibilities of the online space. Every day they work and improve to inspire society with their own example of development, improvement of the country / city, creation of useful projects and initiatives. Our partnership began in August 2021.