Comparing smartphones and why you should not waste your time with this | Kristiyan Katsarov

Comparing smartphones and why you should not waste your time with this

By Kristiyan Katsarov
Kristiyan Katsarov
Published on October 10, 2019

If you have ever considered purchasing a smartphone, you have probably stumbled upon thousands of articles and video reviews of different devices. People list the specs, and explain why they are important, who is the smartphone marketed for, and is it the right choice for you.

Generally speaking, this is quite useful information, if you don't have idea which model and brand to chose. You should gather more information, and when you chose a model, go through the cons and pros.

Think about the smartphone's features, and ones that you consider important. For instance, are you looking for a phone with great camera, or faster phone for gaming?

Many phone specifications are important, but at certain point - like most modern devices, comparing is kind of unnecessary.

They all offer so much similar features, all the great and fast multi-core CPUs that you can browse and play games, you can capture 4k videos and so much more. They offer such high specs, that even some low-end devices that are quite affordable, can offer some of the most expensive flagship devices on the market.

Basically the point, that I am trying to make is - most of the cell phones have reached a level where you can simply do all tasks, and not bother purchasing a new one, or a better one. At least it is not worth for many of us.

The basic level of specifications, that most high-class, middle-class and even some low-class smartphones have reached, is most of the times more than enough for the average consumer.

If you start to compare some high-end smartphones, you might notice a trend - they are similar more than 90% of all the features they offer.
They all have iris, fingerprint and face recognition, they all have amazing cameras, plenty of ram and internal storage. The designs are basically the same, you can see a bit of change in color variety or button placement, but generally speaking if you hide the logo you might not even be able to tell them apart.

Competition is good for the consumer. A statement which describes the world of smartphones nowadays. If you have enough competition you will get high quality product, for regular price, and the flagship products might not seem so different from the middle-class ones.

So before purchasing a smartphone, think about what you want, and not what the high-end devices have to offer. Most of the time it is pure marketing tactics to convince the users to purchase their products, over the competitor's one.