Self-updating Dashboard with Voila and Jupyter Notebook

What is a Jupyter Notebook?

Simply explained, jupyter notebook is an interactive environment where you can run code and view it's output directly in the web. The technology is language-independant, which means it can work with any language, but the most popular one is definitely Python.

What is Voila?

I will post a link to an article describing Voila better than me, but shortly explained, Voila allows you to create dashboards easily from Python Notebooks.

The Self-updating Dashboard

The self-updating dashboard consists of a notebook updating the plot from a separate thread using asyncio. The update is done in a while True loop, but the logic can be easily changed.

The data is gathered from an example api service (which is defined in and started with gunicorn)

You can try it out:

GitHub: katsar0v/self-updating-dashboard-with-voila

If you want to learn more about Voila, you may want to read this article.

Voila GitHub repository.

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